Ian Bradshaw with
Lady Margaret Thatcher


Louisa J. Curtis of Chatterbox Talks with Ian Bradshaw (Download PDF)

Ian Bradshaw is a world class international photographer based in Pennsylvania, New York & London. He has had a long and distinguished career as a photographer and also as a photo editor. He has been Photo Editor of National Daily and Sunday Newspapers in Britain as well as Photo Editor of the Telegraph Sunday Color magazine in London.

He is the leading American education photographer winning five CASE awards and six Addys for his work in this specialist field. He is the author of The Thinking Photographer and Pro Techniques of Creative Photography as well as Retrospective and Gundogs and the Queen. Ian Bradshaw moved from England to America in 1999 and his unique specialist approach to people and portraiture attracted schools, colleges & Universities throughout the USA and Europe.

He is a former winner of the World Press Photo Award for his famous picture of a streaker being arrested by a London bobby with a strategically placed helmet. He is a former winner of the British Press Photographer of the Year, Texaco Industrial Photographer of the Year, Ilford Industrial Photographer of the Year and his photographs have been voted Life magazine Picture of the Year and People magazine Picture of the Decade.

He travels extensively and tries to balance his educational work with his commitments in the advertising world of New York & London. A former photo-journalist, his wide ranging work covers everything from sports to interiors and architecture but it is his definitive style of people photography that has caught the attention of art directors in America and worldwide.

Ian is also Director of Photography for Custom Golf Books.